prior art developed by JD Casten






Stéphanie Martin, (et. al)-- 2014 Decoding spectrotemporal features of overt and covert speech from the human cortex


Jack Gallant (et. al.)-- 2012 fMRI research on correlating fMRI data to video:


Brian Pasley (et. al.)-- 2012 auditory words reconstructed from brain-probe measurements:


Eric Leuthardt (et. al.)--  2011 correlation of fMRI data to “brain-waves” up to 500Hz:


Yukito Tsunoda-- 2011 Signal shaping circuit and light transmitting device


Yoichi Miyawaki (et. al.)-- 2008 Connectionism coorelation of fMRI to visual images


JD Casten-- my 1992 PDP program (in 8-bit Atari BASIC) and book on Deconstructing Artificial Intelligence:


(Speculative) US Air Force (Gen. D Kutyna (communication control), Gen. M Padden (recon), et. al.)-- ~1977-1980 mobile mind-radio

Ray Kurzweil-- 1974 OCR (and speech/text conversion) pioneer:


Robert Malech-- 1974 Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves:


Jose Delgado-- 1968 Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording

Frank Rosenblatt-- 1959 Mark I Perceptron - feature to feature statistical coorelation weighting, (PDP/Connectionism/Neural Network)


History: Descartes, Ben Franklin, JE Purkyně, Faraday, Freud, Bell, Jonathan Zenneck, Marconi, Farnsworth,
             Warren McCulloch, Walter Pitts, James McClelland, David Rumelhart, Jaron Lanier +

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