prior art developed by JD Casten



THEORY (early prep work, see OVERVIEW)


100+ billion neurons spiking, and HIGH-RESOLUTION sensors (capable of high sample rates and sensitive enough to distinguish very small amplitude changes) such as a powerful oscilloscope sensor placed in a skull orifice (like the ear canal, up against the ear drum, or a nostril ((and which may be supplemented by a radio signal to illuminate the entire brain for recording evenly)—should measure a hissing snow of static (a brain-electro-magnetic-wave sensor measuring sparks activating at high rates, the measurements are not spatial, but serial and temporal, measuring the voltage differential). Use horizontal amplitude slicing for rough cut insights into the different frequency ranges such as sound, vision, etc. Probably only moods correlate to typical brain-wave frequencies measured (Alpha, Beta, etc.), lower frequency pop-corn patterns would form the tops of the amplitude spikes, while very high frequencies fill the solid bottom. Some data noise should arise due to over-laps.


How does the stimulation work? To my knowledge, it's about the timing and facilitation of the near-activation of the relevant neurons. A cascading pattern of neurons hit just at the right time will produce sensation; transmitters- in the ear, or beaming an A M radio signal, at a frequency equal to the sensor data sample rate, through an eye socket (again, the skull reflects and may scatter energy, both of the kinetic and electro-magnetic variety. There are evolutionary needs for this as lightning emits radio signals at human auditory frequency ranges which refract in the ionosphere for 100s of miles)), this signal will facilitate neuron firing patterns to produce in-the-head experiences by increasing energy levels beyond many neurons' firing thresholds at precisely the right time (neurons will be primed based on perceptual expectations (plural), the signal zips in and causes primed neurons to fire in over-lapping cascades (think NLQ and old dot-matrix printers using two off-set passes to increases resolutions, or inter-locking zipper teeth)).


Visually, this could be more about perceptions, hence eliminating eye sciatic movements (think: lucid dream clarity), but at high temporal resolutions, the nerve-fiber layer behind the retina should be relevant too. Again, very HIGH RESOLUTION sample slices may be needed for vivid digital PDP - connectionism - neural-network feature - cue to feature - cue mapping (although quick low-res data on both feature sets can be used at first as PDP will work with less data; but the finer-tuned mappings would require separate PDP maps for each sense (hearing, left and right, vision left and right, etc., an improvement over amplitude slicing). When creating these (4+) maps, the irrelevant features correlations will drop out as natural consequence of the PDP approach, dormant weights drop out due to finding no consistent correlations (e.g., motor-blinking data would be relevant, as the visual drop-outs would be compensated for: no need for A Clockwork Orange scenario with forced open eyes). Vivid clarity might be improved by multiplying precision sensors and stimulators out of sync to increase bandwidths).


Public VIRTUAL REALITY glasses for the blind or deaf and entertainment, etc. would be passively experienced; there is no need to probe consumer minds, but scientists need abilities to create the data correlations... of course long term use safety testing is necessary (performance tests used periodically for test subjects). This is potentially an organ reporter too. Other medical equipment to be developed: cure for the blind, cure for the deaf, the locked in can speak, prosthetic limb control, medicine free treatment of depression and chronic pain, interrupted epileptic seizures. Justice will be more precise with swearing out for robust verification of testimony, and crimes will go down across the board as repeat offenders don't get away with their crimes the first time, and as victims can implicate perpetrators, and the public may press that perjury is not a right which may lead to courtroom use of testimony verification. The deterred will not commit crimes, the innocent may exonerate themselves; and there will be increased internal trust and governmental accountability for security professionals globally.


A real-time 4D time and space zoomable fMRI replacement is possible as well: using numerous triangulating probes in skull orifices with secondary calibration signals, offset sample rates, wide dynamic range measurements able to distinguish a far side activation from a full peak load of activations, so a Faraday cage signal free environment and shielded cables, etc. would be needed. (A 30GHz sample rate = 1 cubic centimeter resolution).


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